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When it comes to time, I would imagine that the more the better. And when it comes to money, the more the merrier. I would think that few will disagree in this over simplified analogy.  The topic regarding time is money, is often a taboo subject to be spoken of amongst friends and family for it often brings up sensitive issues like the comparison of income between each other and being reminded about debt. Let’s talk about ” Time is money “.

Time is Money : Hermione´s Secret
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Why convert this blog into a Business Blog? Is everything really about “Time is money”?

I haven’t been writing in my blog often in recent months, why the decision now to convert it from just a casual blog talking about occasional thoughts into a business blog with the tagline, time is money? And why change the tagline of this blog from ‘Create a Life that Matters’ into ‘ Time is money, the more the better and the more the merrier?’ Doesn’t it seem to be a giant jump from the celebration of life into something cold and inhumane?

No, it isn’t. This is why.



Time is Money : When help is free and available

I used to be sort of an altruistic person without the regards of time is money, always doing things for others at my own expense, even when it meant sacrificing the time for my family and money to help others. In small doses, it is all right, giving assistance to friends and people who needed it was a joy to self and solves the troubles of others, saving them time and money instead of having to seek professional help.  But over the years I did not realized that I have become more and more altruistic, to the point that I am being taken advantage of. When time is money and both are precious, it hurts at times.

Years ago, back in school, I gave my all to help others pass their exams while I sacrificed my own study time. I ended up dropping from a A student to B and then C. I remember my first job many years ago, I took up 7 projects when others in the same role took only 2. I took up more work so my colleagues could have more time to spend on their personal commitments. The more the better, when it comes to helping people.

Then came the killer blow.


Time is Money : The more the better

Just a couple of years back, I met someone whom I thought was a good person. In my dreamy and heroic state, I badly wanted to help this someone stand up after her failed business years before. To me, this person was barely standing. Success can either be perceived or real. Hers was clearly a perception.

As it was a new startup, I understood the little it can offer. Because I had wanted to help, I thought it was all right to do it for free. I understood the value of money, that time is money. I told myself that that I would leave after I helped them with the initial phase, to pursue my own business. But I was later convinced to stay on, with promise of a stake hold when the business was stable.

After contemplating between pursuing my own business which has been pending since and staying on with this new set-up, I decided to stay. With this, I accepted a grossly underpaid fee in-exchange for ownership in the near future. With a meager fee and a  overly exaggerated title, I undertook the job scope of what could have been the workload of 7 people (the more the merrier?). Many nights I would get only 3 hours of sleep. It was already a luxury.

There were some good times when meetings went well and deals were closed but more bad times when there was not enough resources to meet the workload. Finger pointing, back-stabbing, I took it all. I should have known better. Time is money. They didn’t have the money and clueless about using their time to make money.

I never regretted helping them though it left a bad after-taste when what started off as good intentions became hostile.

[box type="yellow"]The stint ended with a similar Steve Job moment. I was kicked out of the company I helped started. A company whom I helped bring in chunks of their profits and extended their network, not a cent was lost.[/box]

Please do not think I am exaggerating when I mentioned the extremely heavy workload. The plan to replace me was to hire a company to take-over my workload!  What I have been doing single-handedly all this while will now be handed over to a company! That’s how much I have been doing.

In a small way, I thought they had finally come to their business senses. Even when we want to maximize our resources, it has to be productive. However, barely just a few months after the company they hired took-over, their business seem to have come to a halt!

Time is money, when the work of so many people are squeezed into one person. Money is saved but is the time really enough?

Time is Money : The more the merrier

For the lesson learned, I am glad that this happened though it hurt my self-confidence badly.

This blow almost “killed me”. I was that stupid. I gave up a year of my life. Where time is money, I lost both time & money to help people I thought were worth helping, but in the end turned against me.

After I left, I heard the untrue words they spoke to others about me. It reached my ears and broke my heart.  It took a lot of me,  my skills, my money and my contacts at that time to keep them afloat. If time is money to be invested, I lost one whole year, getting the least returns.

Besides, the blame of the company going downhill was attributed to me. When I was with them, the business was earning and functioning.

Work was overwhelming. I was given many arduous tasks. It was not easy fulfilling many tasks without first implementing my proposed strategies. It’s like sending me to battle without ammunition.  I had proposed countless times, things which had to be done, to keep the business profitable and sustainable after the novelty wears off.  It will bring the company to a whole new level.

Each time, my proposal was entirely rejected and shelved. Waiting and doing nothing to earn more income is not helping, time is money, there is no time to waste!  It could have turned the company around if they realized the simple logic that time is money, both of which they do not have.

I prompted them to make haste and complete two other money-making projects so that that the company could survive the first year and establish a foothold in the industry. I warned them that these projects must be up and running, else it will be in the red soon. My persistence was met with false promises and I suspect, anger. David advising Goliath what to do? I should have known better to keep telling them this message, “Time is money!”

I naively believed that they were really working on the 2 projects they said they were. I thought that other on-going projects were keeping them busy while I did the main chunk of work in most areas. Because I took ownership and wanted badly for the business to take-off, I was planning much ahead, always cracking for profits till I realized that it was all my own wishful thinking. They had never intended to honor their words, the stake promised will never come to pass.

Today is already a few years later.  The projects they mentioned then, the dreams they talked about, not one came to pass.  Time is money, how much of both was lost? Once bitten, twice shy, time is money and I wasted much of both. I had not expected that they fulfill what they said they will be doing after what had happened.

Time is money, they have expired their chance.

Time is Money : When both time and potential money were lost

I found out later that it was AFTER they decided to replace me with an entire company (did they really think that the more the merrier or the more the better when it comes to people?) that they decided to implement a few of my suggestions to them which they strongly disagree with me when I first told them. However, they only implemented my ideas which helped the back end of the company, they did not implement the money making strategies to make profits. Fallacy is inevitable.

Time is money and time waits for no one.

Time is money and the amount of money is influenced by the time you have.


Time is money, the more the better and the more the merrier

It took me a long time to stand back up after two of the greatest setbacks in my life, straight after my 2 greatest achievements respectively. I had been stupid but the lessons learned will not be in vain. Yes, time is money and I could waste none anymore.

This personal blog will become a business blog with the main theme of Time is Money, to highlight and showcase the businesses which I started with the motto ” time is money, the more the better and the more the merrier. ”

The people who have poisoned the minds of others about me. They might think they are just causal remarks to their network to put the blame on someone else who is not in the radar. But time is money, did they not know how much impact it had caused in terms of time and money? I suspect that they didn’t care. How about those who cheered me on when I was successful and chided me down when I was no longer the flavor of the month and left me for what seems like greener pasture?

No, backstabbers, this is not for you.

Is this revenge? No, it is not. Time is money, I have no time for such things.

I will use this time is money business blog to show those who have been hearing from the exact people who have backstabbed me how true the accusations were when they said nasty things about me which I got ear of. The people who backstabbed me do not matter much to me, it is the people who have never been in contact with me before but heard those things that I wish to reach.

Thank you for reading. Time is money, the more the better and the more the merrier, now it makes more sense why this business blog is named this right ? *Smiles*

Time is money, the more time you have, the more things you can do.

Time is money, the more money and capital you have, the faster you can hire and buy the things needed to do things.

If you only have a saw, buying a chainsaw will save you time and having enough money to buy it in the first place will save you time. Time is money, YES, time is money!

I will end this blog chanting and reminding myself that I will not make the same mistake again.

Time is Money…Time is Money…Time is Money…

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