Who is Maynas Eric?


Hi there

Hi my friend, my name is Eric Chua and I am known online as @MaynasEric .

I am into building businesses, real estate and creating special projects which makes life interesting.

My homeland is in Singapore and I am an award winning engineering graduate from Australia with business experience mostly in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, parts of Asia, Europe, parts of Africa, UK and USA.

For those who already know me, I had a goal in 2009 to establish my business online and was featured in Channel News Asia (CNA), a major international news channel and was also featured in the most popular newspaper in Singapore as one of the Top 3 Twitter Users listed under Singapore.


CNA television interview

Since then,these are some of the things I have done

  • I have consulted top entrepreneurs and MNCs in their business developments.
  • Became one of the top 3 Twitter Users listed under Singapore (Social Media)
  • Achieved Top Contributor in Yahoo Answers 08/09
  • An ebay Teal Star
  • Youtuber who gathered more than 120k views
  • An online marketer who gathered hundreds of millions in impressions
  • Gathered tens of thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook fans
  • and also achieved million plus net sales overall in 2010/2011


Throughout my years in business, my profile was kept low as I believe my clients should be the ones who get the spotlight while my team and I will be the support behind as consultants. To see the businesses we help succeed gives me the drive to carry keep on producing works that make me smile whenever they were mentioned. Up to 2012 April, these were all private clients.


2012 : TreVentures Online Surfaces into the Public

Our strategy from 2012 have taken a step up, we will no longer just do projects with private clients, we will be opening up our business to specific niches and also some to the public. This is made possible because we are now equipped and staffed with some of the best talents in the World be it in programming, design, writing and marketing.


Create a Life That Matters

My objective for this site is to bring my friends and people all over the World together to start and build interesting projects and businesses that are both profitable and fun to endeavor.

We are all individuals living in a shared World, when each of us is able to contribute our part to improve the society as a whole, we can reap the benefits together. I would think I favour people who are balanced on the scales of self interest and altruism (selfless giving), but not to the extreme of either ends.



In the past, I have been in the Military as a Soldier, Air Force as a Sergeant, University Tutor and Mentor, Librarian, Factory Worker, Roadshow Mascot, Sportsman, Track and Field Captain, Casual Soccer Team Manager, Freelance Designer, Small Business Owner and an Electrical, Building and Renewable Energy Engineer, Marketing consultant, Sales manager, Director of IT and various positions. My interest now, is to establish a firm hold in both my online and offline businesses.


Self Interest: To be productive for self interest that benefits and provide our psychological needs, physical security and creating prosperity, but not indulge in extreme selfishness that one hoards wealth and benefits to oneself and not help others in need and prevent others from prospering.

Altruism: To help others in need and to help others prosper, but not to practise extreme altruism in that one gives up their own ambitions and desires for the sake of others. In short, be proud of yourself (but not overly) and do not be ashamed that you are a productive person who has the ability to be a wealth creator. Contribute to causes that you think can help the society and give to what you are passionate about, not what you think the world expects of you and not more than you can afford to that your giving becomes unnecessary sacrifice.


For me, the ability to be self reliant with the passive income through businesses would enable us to participate in greater issues and causes which need attention.

I would think that some examples of causes which matter, would be to play a part in solving global problems like global warming, to helping people out of poverty by giving them the skills and education to improve their own and society’s economy and to sponsor promising talents/ researchers who can improve humanity as a whole…that’s my dream…is it yours too?

No matter how talented a person is, one man alone cannot change the World. Let us join hands together and accomplish things…great things, shall we? *Smiles*

This is also why the name of this blog is called “Create a life that matters“.

Let’s rock the World, my friend, shall we?



What is Success?

At the end of the day, I would think that success refers to the lifestyle
we desire which we are seeking. Very often, what we enjoy doing most,
usually doesn’t cost as much as we initially thought. Time spent with family and friends,
and doing meaningful things in our life, with the best efforts we can gather, with the people we like. That’s precious, isn’t it? *Winks*

I would think that Success in Life can be derived into a Four Stage Process.

  1. When one improves through self-improvement willingly (not compelled to)
  2. When he or she is sure is ready, starts projects and businesses
  3. Multiplying systems that work
  4. And with the revenue, seek to use it for causes that matter




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